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“Veterans eligible for this program are those who sustained a serious injury-including traumatic brain injury, psychological trauma or other mental disorder-incurred or aggravated in the line of duty, on or after September 11, 2001.” Some want to expand this program to pre-September 11, 2001 too. Official web-page.

Expand the VA Family Caregiver Program

VA Family Garegiver Program Veterans and their caregivers – Jim Sursley

VA Family Caregivers

VA’s Million Veteran Program Targets Mental Health Issues and Many Others

“Family Caregiver Support”

Elizabeth Pushes for Vote on Bill to Expand Support for Family Caregivers of Veterans

Y.G.P.: Social Security

Your Government Programs this week checks out Social Security. “These are benefits that apply to individuals who have earned enough Social Security credits and are at least age 62. Your Government Programs this week checks out Social Security.” Surprisingly, Social Security has to do with people with income below the poverty threshold. This is more important in the current economy because jobs are less lengthy and private pension funds that workers have earned are going bankrupt. The official web-page is here.

This professor says if you can try not to rely on Social Security. “Taxpayers would be better off both in terms of financial security and return on investment by investing their money privately. ”

Rep. Dan Crenshaw says that Social Security is aid for those earning less than the poverty threshold.

Social Security serves people more than seniors in retirement.

“Tricks and tips for getting the most from Social Security”

The current issue is that Social Security will run dry. The more people that can work the more tax dollars goes into Social Security.

“Senator Warren calls for increased funding for the Social Security Administration”

The weaker Americans the weaker the country also gets.

The slow economy has “31 Percent Of Americans Are Struggling To Get By Financially”.

The Habit Of Saving Is Self-Discipline Of A High Order!

One in seven US seniors live in poverty


These grants ensure the provision of case management, referrals, and emergency assistance (such as food, clothing, and shelter) to victims of human trafficking and certain family members. The official webpage is here.

Faces of Human Trafficking: Effective Victim Services

HSI at Super Bowl LIII: Human Trafficking Outreach

New program established to help victims of sex trafficking in Ohio

Hidden Victims of Human Trafficking

Former Trafficking Victim Describes Her Ordeal and Rescue

Human Trafficking Victim Finds Her Hope

Identifying Victims of Human Trafficking

Dawne Lomangino-DiMauro – 2018 National Crime Victims’ Service Awards