Health Insurance Marketplace – Your Government Program

It depends on your employer, some will have you enrolled in their provider of choice, others will give you a cash equivalent to shop on the government or private health marketplace. This article is about the government health insurance marketplace which has open enrollment for people not on medicaid or medicare, are moderate income earners whose employer does not provide coverage. The official webpage is here.

Defining the Health Insurance Marketplace

Federally qualified health centers and enrollment in health insurance marketplace

Getting Ready for Open Enrollment 2019

Choosing a Health Plan During Open Enrollment | UCLA Health

Health Insurance Marketplace

Health Care Law: Are You an Applicable Large Employer?

Employer Contributions | Healthcare Reform

Getting Ready for Open Enrollment 2019

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YOUR GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS: “The Children’s Health Insurance Program”

“The Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) provides health coverage to nearly eight million children and families with incomes too high to qualify for Medicaid, but can’t afford private coverage.” (article)

For families with incomes too high to qualify for Medicaid, but can’t afford private coverage.

Herger Gives Speech on State Children’s Health Insurance Program

Jimmy Kimmel Makes Emotional Plea For CHIP | NBC Nightly News

Tommy Thompson on the State Children’s Health Insurance Program

Children’s Health | Kids Rule | 2019 Commercial

Parents urging lawmakers to support Children’s Health Insurance Program

YOUR GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS: Social Security for Women.

“Whether you work, have worked, or have never worked outside the home, you need to understand how Social Security can help you and your family find financial security. ” Official webpage is here.

“Social Security … only replaces about 40 percent of pre-retirement earnings. To have a comfortable retirement, you will also need to have other income from things like pensions, savings, and investments.” Official document is here.

“Women and Social Security: What you need to know”

“How Does Social Security Work?”

“Social Security for Women: A Social Security Lifeline: Kira’s Story”

“Suze Orman says: Social Security is there for you in difficult times”

Beware giving out your social security number, even at the doctor’s office

YourGovernmentPrograms: Genetics and Developmental Biology Research and Research Training

“The Division of Genetics and Developmental Biology supports studies directed toward gaining a better understanding of the fundamental mechanisms of inheritance and development. The results of these studies form the foundation for advances in diagnosing, preventing, treating and curing human genetic and developmental disorders.” Official webpage is here.

Interview with John Lorsch, Head of the National Institute for General Medical Sciences.

Introduction to Genetics and Evolution with Mohamed Noor.

Molecular & Developmental Biology Graduate Program


Researchers Hopeful New Treatment Leads To HIV Cure.

Get to know your government benefits programs.

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