Child Care and Development Fund

Introducing the Malmstrom child care programs

As the program says, “The Child Care and Development Fund provides assistance to low-income families who need child care due to work, work-related training and/or attending school.” It is part of a bigger ensemble of programs to help dual income families and working single parents keep their kids educated and healthy for the future when people not machines run things. The official webpage is here.

For you and what to seek, “State receives extra $49M to help families pay for child care as more than 7,000 sit on waiting list”.

How the program has helped families in communities.

The program celebrates its anniversary.

It is continuously a priority since WW2!

Your government employees who serve Americans.

Your elected representative who serve Americans and what they see.

Your neighbors, other ‘hoods and fellow Americans.

Health and education matters so much for all working parents.

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